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May 09, 2019 | Post by: Susan Hopkins No Comments

Why Interior Design is Important

Interior design is the design concept and the look of an interior space. Interior design is so much more than just decorating. It takes into account everything about a space to reconstruct it and make it unique. Through interior design, a space can be transformed with lighting or can be designed to function a certain way.

Interior Designers Personalize Your Space

An interior designer should be consulted when the house or building is still in the planning process. Architectural plans most often build for the average needs of the general population, and may not be suited to personalized wants or needs. An interior designer can look at architectural plans and make recommendations based on your needs. For example, while an architect assumes everyone needs a kitchen, the interior designer will dive further into this. Do you cook or entertain often? Will you want a large or simple kitchen? Some of the space taken from the kitchen is then used in areas that are more important to you. Often, if the interior designer is brought in after the plans have been made, it is too late to make crucial changes that can save you money on future renovations.

Interior Design Transforms Spaces

Interior design can transform a space. If an interior designer is working with a small room or suite, they have the knowledge to make it feel roomy and spacious. By getting rid of clutter and using space-saving items, a 500 square foot suite can be made to feel like double the space.

Lighting and coloring also greatly improve a space. Dim and gloomy lighting can make a room feel small and depressing. Interior designers know how to use natural light, wall painting, and accent items to brighten up a room to make it more welcoming.

Lastly, interior design can transform how people behave and function in a room. If you want people to gravitate to a certain room or area, interior design can serve that purpose. Pointing all the furniture to one area will naturally cause people to congregate there. Don’t want people to spend too much time in a hallway? Welcoming and warm lighting at the end of the hallway will lead people to quickly make their way out.

Susan Hopkins Interior Design

For those looking for interior design services in the Philadelphia area, Susan Hopkins is your top choice. We are a team of professional and passionate designers that can’t wait to bring your vision to life. Established in 2013, our crew of designers are fully credited and have won multiple awards. Founder Susan Hopkins has had a passion for interior design since she was just twelve years old, and has a background in art that influences her interior design style.

We are happy to work with residential or business projects. Take a look at our portfolio for a better understanding of our unique style. Contact us today so that we can chat about your project yourself and your project. We can be reached at (212) 948-2616 or fill out this form today.

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