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Oct 02, 2018 | Post by: Susan Hopkins No Comments

What you Should Know About Art Deco Interior Design for your Home

Art deco has a romantic, classic feeling. If you live in a house or apartment that dates to the 1930s, working art deco design elements into your overall motif can give your home a tasteful, authentic feel. Even if your home doesn’t date to the 1930s, an art deco motif can be a fun way to express your tastes through interior design.

If you’re thinking about incorporating art deco design elements into your home, discuss your ideas with an experienced Philadelphia interior designer. Your designer can give feedback on your ideas and help you work them into a larger, actionable design plan.

Art Deco Design can have a Classic, Timeless Feel

Art deco, like every other interior design style, is characterized by specific design elements. To create an art deco motif in your home, make use of the following:

  • Glossy finishes. Wooden items are highly polished, furniture is lacquered, and there is a copious amount of chrome;
  • Mirrors. In addition to glossy finishes, using mirrors as focal points will dial up your art deco design;
  • Neutral colors. Whites, blacks, grays, and beiges are popular in art deco design, though you can work in more vibrantly colored pieces to make your room pop. With art deco, the patterns command attention, not the colors; and
  • Vintage travel posters. Art deco was an international design movement. Use vintage air travel posters and posters showing exotic destinations to create a fleshed out art deco motif.

Going Overboard with Any Decor Style will Detract from your Design

Whether your art deco design motif reads like a classic, sophisticated design or looks like a cartoon depiction of life in the 1930s depends on the design choices you make. These choices include:

  • The materials you use. Cheap materials detract from a room’s design;
  • The specific pieces you use. An accent piece or two can set the room’s tone, whereas filling the room with bold pieces can make it feel like a film set;
  • How well you intersperse accent pieces with classic and modern pieces. Balance your art deco pieces with more neutral ones to avoid making the room look overdone; and
  • How many items you put in the room. When your walls are completely covered with decorative items or there is so much furniture that there are no clear paths through the room, the room can feel overwhelming.

Art Deco is a Bold Look

Art deco isn’t a design style for the faint of heart. When you work with art deco design, you’re working with stark contrasts, bold patterns, and daring design choices that demand attention. How bold you want to make your art deco motif is up to you.

Talk to an Experienced Interior Designer for Inspiration and Ideas

Philadelphia is an old, romantic city. To start working out your ideas for creating an art deco motif in your Philadelphia home, work with an experienced Philadelphia interior designer. Contact Susan Hopkins Interior Design, LLC today to set up your initial consultation with us.


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