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Mar 05, 2018 | Post by: Susan Hopkins No Comments

Ways to Decorate your Bedroom

Your bedroom may have the most influence on your day over any other room in your home. It serves as the starting point and finishing line for nearly every day of your life, which often means that how it looks and feels will often determine how you will look and feel going throughout your day. This makes bedroom decor an essential part of healthy and happy living, and investing some time in its design may help in other facets of your life as well.

Use the following decorating tips to make your bedroom into a comfortable, happy space for yourself and anybody you share it with.

Repurpose Found Items and Using Raw Materials

Finding unique ways to use raw materials and found items, like pallets, cinder blocks, architectural salvage pieces, and other found objects can save you money while giving your bedroom an avant-garde, creative feel. Many individuals have created some of the following projects for their bedrooms utilizing these materials:

  • Create a nightstand out of stacked cinder blocks
  • Use old shutters or other pieces of repurposed wood to make a headboard
  • Make a jewelry holder out of a picture frame
  • Use wooden pallets to support your mattress

Use Fairy Lights for a Decorative Display

If you want a more whimsical look for your bedroom, consider using fairy lights. Drape them over a curtain rod, wrap them around the pillars of your four-post bed, incorporate them into a larger garland alongside other materials, or string them across a wall to create visual interest. There are many fun ways to work fairy lights into your bedroom’s décor and enhance the overall lighting and feeling of the room.

Showcase your Favorite Images

One rustic style currently trending in home decor is stringing up photos across blank walls in your room or hanging picture frames in an organized collage. Surrounding yourself with images of loved ones, places around the world you have visited, or pieces of art are great ways to make your bedroom feel cozy and warm. Other ways to display your favorite images include:

  • Creating a gallery wall with different-sized frames
  • Affixing photos on the wall into a larger pattern, like a heart shape or a circle to create a large clock
  • Affixing photos onto a blank table or desk surface, then pouring resin over them to create a one-of-a-kind tabletop.

Build Practical Considerations into the Design

Your design ideas might be limited by the size or shape of the room. Instead of thinking of these as limits, think of them as part of your overall design. A small room can be made to look larger with mirrors and other decorating tricks, and fixed features like your radiator or exposed pipes can be worked into a chic design scheme.

Work with an Experienced Philadelphia Interior Designer

Working with an experienced interior designer can help you get your creative juices flowing. To get started, contact Susan Hopkins Interior Design, LLC to schedule your initial consultation. We’ll work with what you already have in your bedroom and what you want to do with the space to transform it into the bedroom of your dreams.

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