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Urban Burbs

After enjoying an urban lifestyle in a few major cities around the United States, our clients loved the bones of their new home, but struggled to find a way to marry their passion for contemporary style with their love of the natural view and rustic feel of the room (after putting forth their best efforts).

Entertaining in a casual atmosphere while being able to enjoy the space privately daily was the main goal. Our clients love color, and weren’t scared of patterns. We were able to incorporate some sleek lined furniture pieces with some fun lighting elements, patterns and materials.

We created a custom dry bar with refrigeration where there was previously a water-damaged and neglected shelving area. We had the countertop faux finished to look like soap stone so our clients didn’t need to endure the rigorous maintenance that would’ve come with the actual stone.

We selected the perfect greenery to suit the space near the wood burning stove. It ties in nicely with the green view of the backyard while these plants are perfect for having slight shade while having direct sunlight at times.