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The Brownstone

The spaces before we began were dingy, dated, and dark. We illuminated these two spaces with brighter colors within the furnishings, added some recessed, track and pendant lighting, and a touch of color in some accessories that brightened up the atmosphere.

The built-ins were custom designs of ours in order to provide a break in the dark original wood to the home. It also provided storage and a beautiful visual element for the space surrounding the newly tiled and freshened fireplace surround.

Aside from the cocktail table and the table lamps by the front window, all of the furnishings are new to the space.

The paint selections were deliberate. Prior to the renovation, the walls had a wainscoting that created a striping effect that wasn’t flattering to the front room. In order to dull it down a bit, I selected a paint color match to the wood so we could allow for the wall under the wainscoting to become more of a detail rather than a dominating element in the space. The ceiling had the same striping effect due to the rafters. In an effort to eliminate this effect that was happening as well as to add some color to the space, we used a terracotta color on the ceiling between these rafters. This color was a medium value so we could lessen the contrast between the dark wood and the ceiling color so the striping effect would cease.

The family enjoyed spending the cold winters with family and friend surrounding the wood pellet stove, but without seating. We designed custom storage benches that not only allowed ample seating around the stove, but with storage for the toys and necessities of the little ones.

We’re currently finishing up the Dining Room for this client, so please check back for the photographs!