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Patterned Neutral

Our clients had already lived in their home in St. Davids, PA for about two years when they contacted us to assist in renovating and furnishing their home.

As the spaces previously existed, there were two separate rooms divided by a wall with double doors. Our clients weren’t sure how to tackle the spaces or how they could end up utilizing all of the space, but knew they wanted to allow for a more open atmosphere. We approached the project with an open mind and provided a couple of designs including the custom built-ins that show in the photographs to break up the spaces while allowing for an open feel.

They weren’t scared of color or pattern, but were very particular with their likes and dislikes, and had high expectations for a smooth process and hands-off experience. They simply wanted an expert to analyze their needs and desires and provide them an atmosphere they loved and would express their personality. We pushed their limits a bit and came up with a palette that’s neutral overall with some subtle splashes of color, but with a nice punch of personality.

They have a passion for the outdoors, traveling the world, and puzzles. To allow for their character and passions to come through in the design, we incorporated some fabric elements and materials that draw from nature, but with a geometric design element that shows through in the furniture and some of the patterns to represent their organized and methodical nature. The cream colored table with the blue plastic chairs is specifically set for puzzles. We incorporated two adjustable sconces on the wall above for each of them to operate separately to get the best lighting when attempting to find that elusive puzzle piece.

We provided custom designs for the fireplace surround and mantle as well as the millwork that visually divides the spaces. We used a walnut veneer to waterfall over the edges of the countertops and mantle for a cohesive and seamless look. We combined some traditional elements with contemporary touches to give the space a unique flair. We installed all new recessed lighting fixtures to accomplish an overhead dim-able wash of light for the space.

Knowing that the client was planning on renovating their Master Bedroom and Bathroom in the future, which sits directly above the Family Room in the back, we suggested to not only complete the space planning for the bedroom and bathroom, but to plan out and have all of the rough plumbing necessary to suit the new bathroom layout installed during this phase to avoid needing to disrupt these newly completed spaces in the future.

The next project in the house will be the rest of the first floor. We will be renovating all of the floors at once, so we designed the millwork to be removable in order to install all of the flooring at once throughout this level to create a seamless transition from space to space.

It was a wonderful project, and we thoroughly look forward to the future phases.