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Old City Style

For this client, she was downsizing a bit in order to combine work and life in one for a few years. This 550sf condominium in Old City packs a lot! It didn’t always, but we created spaces that allowed the Client to feel like working during the day – without distraction, while allowing her to close-up “shop” at night and not feel like she was living at work.

We got really creative with ensuring that everything had a dual purpose and maximized the space. The wall-hung server hides her fax, printer and all supplies for work. When entertaining, the server provides a surface for drinks, appetizers, or a place for everyone to lay their purses before a night out.

The wall-hung panels above the gorgeous antiqued iron desk open up during the day and reveal the goals for the week, and 30-60-90 day period, while at night it can get closed away and just add a wood material and dark value to the space.