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Jun 01, 2018 | Post by: Susan Hopkins No Comments

Insider Secrets to Great Interior Design

A well-designed interior space is a comfortable, comforting space. The easiest way to create a space that perfectly suits your wants and needs in a home is to work with an experienced Philadelphia interior designer. Bring all your ideas, inspirations, and concerns to a designer, then give him or her the reigns – your designer knows industry secrets that will drastically improve your home’s aesthetic, and he or she will bring them to your house.

Your Interior Designer can Play a Key Role in your Home Renovation

Interior designers work closely with carpenters, plumbers, and other types of contractors. If your design demands renovations to your home, talk to your designer about it – he or she will likely recommend one or more contractors to handle that part of the job, potentially saving you money and time on the project.

Great Interior Design is a Mathematical Formula

There are a few mathematical formulas interior designers use to create spaces that feel balanced.

One is the color scheme ratio. In a three-color scheme, you want the dominant color to take up 60 percent of the space, with a secondary color occupying 30 percent and an accent color, a color that pops, in the remaining 10 percent.

Another is the 70-30 rule. To avoid creating spaces that are too closely related in style, designers choose to decorate rooms 70 percent in one style, then 30 percent in another.

Using Design to Change Perception

You can use interior design choices to make a space look taller, larger, or more architecturally interesting. If you ever feel like a space is limited in some way, talk to your interior designer about ways to push past that limit – there are probably plenty of ways you never even thought to consider.

For example, if your room has low ceilings, you can make it feel taller by choosing low furniture. How people perceive a space guides how they feel in it, so if the ceilings look tall, the room will feel taller. Another way you can use design to change a room’s feel is to paint the walls a solid color to about waist height, and another color – or an interesting pattern – for the upper part of the wall. This creates the same interesting visual break that wainscoting creates.

An Interior Designer’s Job is to Bring the Client’s Vision to Life

Never downplay your vision because you think it’s unrealistic, cliché, or unattractive. Your home is your personal space. You deserve the home you want, and your limits should only be your budget and the technical limits of the space, not your self-consciousness.

Talk to your interior designer about everything you want, then pare the request into something that works from there. Think big. In the best case scenario, the design you get exceeds what you thought was possible. In the worst, you still get an amazing design that does its best to make your vision a reality. But if you aren’t willing to discuss your vision in detail, you’ll never know what’s possible.

Work with an Experienced Philadelphia Interior Designer

Start transforming your space into your dream home today by working with an experienced Philadelphia interior designer. Contact Susan Hopkins Interior Design, LLC today to set up your initial consultation with us to get started.

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