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Nov 09, 2017 | Post by: Susan Hopkins 1 Comments

How to Decorate Large, Blank Walls

Gigantic, empty wall spaces can make your home feel sterile, impersonal and even a bit uncomfortable. It might feel daunting to know what to do for those big wall spaces. You can’t just toss up a bunch of things to fill the space and hope for the best. Careful thought and planning needs to be taken. Think of these spaces almost as a giant canvas and you are the artist. What you place upon that wall might say something about you or be a statement piece you enjoy. It’s time to dress up that wall and make it something enjoyable to look at and here are a couple of great ideas from your expert Philadelphia designer.

1-Art gallery or wall collage

If you have ever taken beautiful photographs and you don’t know where or how to display them, this is the perfect solution. Start by gathering similar or coordinating frames. Then choose photographs of people, landscapes or items that really speak to you and instill an emotion. Have a photo print these images to fit your frames. You can hang the frames any way you please, whether that be in an organized, perfectly balanced pattern or way that more artistic, whichever you choose. When you look at this wall, it will bring a little more joy to your life since these photos speak to your soul. Some people take an art gallery wall a step further by adding in other pieces of art to form a creative wall collage. Take care to not make the wall too cluttered. Sometimes less is more.

2-Wall treatments

One way to utilize a great, blank wall is to turn the entire wall into a statement piece. By giving the wall a unique wall treatment, you can transform it into a piece of art. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Apply wallpaper. Find a wallpaper store and select a pattern that matches your decor and colors. Even a busy pattern can look beautiful as an accent wall, especially if your furnishings are simple. Your Philadelphia designer can also guide you in the selection process to ensure your wallpaper looks fabulous in your space.
  • Build a rustic, reclaimed wood wall. Reclaimed wood, or shiplap, is beautiful for its aged look, textures and colors. By piecing reclaimed wood together, you can create a beautiful look on any blank wall.
  • Adhere faux brick. You can purchase large sheets of faux brick at your local home improvement store. By adding this to an empty wall, it adds a gorgeous texture and dimension to your space.
  • Batten board grid: Batten board is quite trendy and while you wouldn’t want a batten board grid on every wall, it looks stunning as an accent wall. There are hundreds of simple tutorials online to begin this project.

3-Large statement pieces

One of the easiest things is to add a large statement piece. These can be anything from a beautiful mirror, a framed piece of art, unique wall sconces, antique windows, a pretty shelf, an inspirational quote and many more eye catching pieces you can use on your wall. If you are unsure, utilizing your professional Philadelphia designer is always a good idea.
One of the most important aspects when you fill a blank wall is to give it a personal touch and make it match the decor in that room. Don’t let gigantic, empty walls intimidate you! Embrace the opportunity to make that wall tell a story or show your personal style. For all the your interior design needs, contact Susan Hopkins Interior Design, LLC today!

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  1. Ken Lewis
    November 29, 2017 8:43 pm

    Hi Susan, thanks for another great design blog! We’ve featured your blog on Studio Designer’s Twitter. Check it out, here:https://twitter.com/studiowebware/status/934489361969692673

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