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Mar 13, 2018 | Post by: Susan Hopkins No Comments

Designing your Living Room for Under $1,000

Instead of being hindered by constraints like budget and the size of a space, a skilled interior home decorator uses these realities to shape the design choices he or she makes to create a cohesive, functional space for the client. Do not assume that your small budget means you cannot have the perfect living room for your home. There are many design tricks and hacks that can create an expensive-looking room for under $1,000.

Furniture that Won’t Break the Bank

In most living rooms, the couch and other pieces of furniture are the largest items in the room. These items can act as visual anchors for the room, setting the tone for the remainder of the room’s design. When you are looking for inexpensive, chic furniture, don’t discount secondhand stores and yard sales. If you’re willing to do a little DIY, you can transform a used piece of furniture into a new piece that fits your aesthetic perfectly.

Painting your Living Room for Less

You can use paint color and texture to make your living room’s walls look more expensive than they actually are. A few strategies to achieve the luxe look include:

  • Textured paints to create a villa-like look;
  • Damask wall stencils to create an ornate, vintage feel; and
  • Choosing a chic color palette and using colors in creative, unique ways.

Unique Ways to Save Money on Decor Without Sacrificing Class

A few inexpensive, easy ways to make your living room look classy are:

  • Using varying textures throughout the room. On your couch, choose a thick, lush throw blanket to add contrast to plainer items in the room;
  • Metals are classy. Opt for mirror and picture frames in bronze, rose gold, or brass finishes;
  • Hide wires in drawers and shelves. Wires are distracting and messy-looking, so make them invisible to guests; and
  • Complement your lighting with candles. Candles provide a soft, inviting source of light that electric lamps simply cannot.

Staying Trendy While Being Kid-Friendly

If you think you can’t have a chic living room when your children are young, think again. One way to keep the kids’ clutter contained is to organize their toys with cute storage bins or baskets. Keep these bins on a low, kid-accessible shelf so your children can easily grab their toys when they want them and put them away when playtime’s over.

Built-in storage options like custom cabinets and millwork are a useful way to keep your children’s toys and video game systems organized. Another way to craft a child-friendly, yet trendy, living room that will last is to choose leather furniture. You can easily wipe spills off leather that would stain cloth items.

Work with an Experienced Philadelphia Interior Designer

You can have the living room you want without putting yourself into debt. Contact Susan Hopkins Interior Design, LLC today to set up your initial consultation with an experienced interior designer who can work with you to design your ideal living room for under $1,000.

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