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Calming Nursery

This space was designed with an outdoors concept as a gender neutral space, initially for a boy, but with the ability to easily add in a girl’s touch if a second child would arrive (as a girl). The draperies, bedding, mural and artwork are all my custom designs and painting. The draperies have a toile pattern with little children playing on see-saws, and building castles. The wall color is the color of a soft sky. The mural of the tree has three-dimensional leaves that were hand cut out of the ribbons from the wrapping of presents from the couple’s bridal registry. The white flowers were also from the packaging of the presents.

Although the carpet is in fact WHITE! to this day (three years after the baby’s arrival), the carpet is still in fact just as clean looking as it was when it was first laid. Picking the perfect rug is important for just this reason!

We incorporated some special trinkets that were dear to the parents and the baby’s first few years.