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Jul 30, 2018 | Post by: Susan Hopkins No Comments

Behind the Scenes – The Process of an Interior Designer

When you decide to work with a Philadelphia interior designer, expect to work closely with him or her to achieve your goals for the project. The designer’s job is to make creative suggestions, determine the space’s assets and limitations, source materials, and bring your vision to life. Your job is to tell the designer your budget, how you want to transform the space, and your aesthetic preferences like a color scheme and design motif. The more information you give your designer, the better equipped he or she is to deliver the result you desire.

Take a look at what the interior design process is like from the designer’s point of view. This way, you’ll know which questions to ask and which information to provide to your designer at each of these key stages.

Exploring a Space

The first part of an interior design project is exploring the space to determine how an interior design project will “fit” into it. This stage is often known as programming. A few important facts to collect during this stage are:

  • Natural and artificial light sources in the space;
  • The space size;
  • How you use the space currently;
  • How you would like to use the space;
  • The locations of load-bearing walls, pipes, and electrical outlets; and
  • Your budget.

Creating a Workable Interior Design Plan

The next step is to determine an appropriate interior design plan for the space. Using the information above, your designer will develop a design scheme. This is part blueprint, part contractor’s quote. At this stage, you’ll get to see many options for light fixtures, furniture, textiles, and color schemes. You will also get a rough sketch of what your finished interior space will look like.

Sourcing Materials, Getting Quotes, Bringing the Plan to Life

Next, the interior gets to work putting the design plan into place. This usually involves working with one or more contractors to get quotes and have them handle certain parts of the project, like hiring an electrician to install light fixtures or a plumber to install plumbing fixtures.

This is the actual construction part of the project. It’s when the old design goes out and the new design comes in.

Revealing the Client’s New Space

The last part of the interior design process is the big reveal. It’s where the client gets to walk into their new space and ideally, feel excited that the designer transformed it into exactly what they wanted.

When the space is revealed, the designer does a final walk-through with the client to show him or her everything that was done. This way, both parties can be certain that every part of the project was completed and if it was not, they can arrange to have it completed.

Hire an Experienced Philadelphia Interior Designer

Understanding the interior design process can help you have more productive conversations with your interior designer at every stage of your project’s completion. To get started on your next interior design project, contact Susan Hopkins Interior Design, LLC today to set up your consultation with us.

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