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Our Pricing Structures

Never-Lift-A-Finger Concierge Service (Fixed Fee)

Our ultimate Never-Lift-A-Finger Concierge Service is specifically tailored for your project if you want us to handle everything for you. Once you know how you want your home to feel for you, your family, guests and friends, we create a livable piece of art that expresses your design preferences and style.

  • It starts with a thorough interview and evaluation of the scope.
  • You will receive separate fixed fees for the following phases so you don’t have any ugly surprises.
    • Design Concept
    • Space Planning
    • Design & Selection of Materials & Finishes
  • We share the deep discounts we receive for furnishings and products with you, and that offsets our fees for the first three phases.
  • We take care of all the details on your behalf.

At Your Pace Design Services (Hourly Rate)

New Home or Remodeling Construction Finishes:

  • When you build a new home and the builder overwhelms you with the selections and details he needs to complete your project, it’s time to call us. We keep you and your builder on schedule and on budget and minimize the last-minute, stressful decisions you may regret if you make the decisions without completely thinking through the options. We select everything down to the last cabinet pull.

Design Advice:

  • If you’d like to do it yourself or just need an few hours of help from an expert, a few hours of professional design consultation can prevent thousands of dollars of costly mistakes. From paint colors to designing kitchen backsplashes, we can direct you and save you hours of agonizing about your options. You’re in control of the hours. We’re happy to provide our services in blocks of time you can refresh when you’re ready.

Just think. A few hours of professional advice could save you thousands of dollars and endless hours of frustration. We’re here to help.

Benefits of Our Concierge Service


For our concierge service, when we provide the investment amount to complete the services required to accomplish the end result, our price will not change as long as we stay on task and don’t add into the scope of work.


When you decide that you want to work with us and approve the Design Fee, it’s like purchasing a final product. So, there’s no need to track anything at all.


We know how important it is to plan your investment so you can be aware of when you’re responsible to provide portions of the investment of the Design Fees and product investment. We are very clear in each statement of work as to percentage of the investment is due at each meeting with a proposed schedule to assist us in communicating further to stay on the same page and work towards the same expectations and end result.


Our clients are typically very busy and have a lot going on and always appreciate that the process is smooth and that they can see progress quickly without rushing the creativity.
Even though we’re creating custom designs and products for you, we are still able to be more efficient than most designers out there. We care about your expectations regarding timelines – we talk about it in the first call!


We take pride in our streamlined process to eliminate the extra work and time commitment clients are typically responsible for with a lot of other designers and the way they complete their designs. Our service focuses on the least amount of work and time commitment for you as possible.

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