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Oct 10, 2017 | Post by: Susan Hopkins 1 Comments

5 Simple Ways to Redesign your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the of smallest rooms in your house and easily lost in the decorating shuffle when it comes to design. It often gets put on the bottom of the to do list because decorating and updating other areas of your home are a higher priority. Because bathrooms are one of the smallest spaces in your home, knowing how to decorate them can be a challenge. With the right textures, lighting and pieces however, you can create the illusion that the bathroom is larger. Your innovative and creative Philadelphia interior designer at Susan Hopkins Interior Design, LLC can help you bring style, beauty and fresh ideas to your bathroom makeover project. If you are feeling like your powder room is a little drab, here are a few ideas to to bring this room to life.

1-Select a theme or style

Before you start your bathroom makeover, deciding a theme and color choice is essential. Do you want it rustic and bright? Natural and relaxing? Colorful and cheerful? Once you select the look you are going for, finding decor, pieces, fixtures and lighting that goes along well with your chosen schematics will be easy.

2-Wall treatments

Whether it’s paint or wallpaper, changing the look of the walls can give the room an instant facelift. Be careful with colors and textures and as always, your interior decorator is happy to guide you in this process. It’s important to use materials that are specifically made for bathrooms and can handle humid environments. Wallpaper is perfect for small, half baths or powder rooms with no tubs or showers. These smaller bathrooms will not have the same air moisture content larger bathrooms will have. Adding beadboard, chair railing or wainscoting is another fun way to add character to the walls.


Installing a new, fresh lighting fixture with visual appeal can be a great statement piece for your bathroom or vanity. Natural lighting adds an element of relaxation so choosing light bulbs with natural, eco-friendly light gives that energizing feel. A crisp, white bulb tends to reflect skin tones most accurately. Your new light fixture should match your theme and add an element of interest to your bathroom.

4-Faucets and hardware

Your bathroom might not need a complete overhaul. Sometimes a simple switch to updated hardware for your cabinets or a modern faucet for your sink will go a long way to spice up your bathroom. Your experienced interior designer can guide you in the newest trends in faucets and hardware to bring your bathroom up to date.


A tastefully decorated bathroom is not cluttered with knick knacks. Knowing where to place plants, wall hangings and decor is an art. You want to select items that cohesively blend your bathroom’s theme together without detracting from it. With the help of your Philadelphia interior decorator, we can find pieces you love that help show off your style and add texture and beauty.

Your bathroom is a sanctuary where you reinvigorate yourself each day. If your bathroom is missing zen and relaxation, Susan Hopkins Interior Design, LLC is here to help you bring it back. Call us today for all your interior decorating needs.

One Comment to 5 Simple Ways to Redesign your Bathroom

  1. Ken Lewis
    October 23, 2017 9:58 pm

    Hi Susan. We really appreciated this blog and thus posted it to the Studio Designer’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/studiowebware/status/922503131774181377

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